General booking conditions



On the one hand, MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE, S.A., hereinafter referred to as MYSKYBUS
SHUTTLE, whose other identifying details are contained in the Legal Notice and owner of the domain WWW.MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE.
of the domain WWW.MYSKYBUS.COM, hereinafter Website, and, on the other hand;
the User, the person who contracts the services offered through the Website.
the Website. MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE and the User, may be referred to
according to the context as the parties.

The present general booking conditions, hereinafter referred to as GRC, govern the
reservation contracts between MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE and the User, regardless of the
the channel by which it has been made: Website, e-mail or by telephone call.
The User, who declares that he/she has sufficient legal capacity* to contract, will be bound by the
contract, and will be bound by these terms and conditions at the moment when he/she
makes a reservation through any of the above-mentioned channels.
The GRC may be subject to unilateral modification by
by MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE and without prior notice, however, the User shall be
However, the User will be bound by those in force at the time of making the booking.
Any special conditions that may be applicable, or the modification of the present GRC, shall be
modification of these terms and conditions must be formalised by means of a separate document.
which, in order to be effective, must be signed by both parties.
The parties must sign it in order for it to be effective.
*LEGAL LIMITATIONS: It is understood that the User is not a minor under 18 years of age. Minors are technically restricted from registering on this website and therefore may not make purchases or bookings, in compliance with legal regulations. Data sent by minors will not be processed, as this is prohibited by law.


3.1.- Obligations of MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE:
Ø To provide the services in accordance with the GRC and without breaching good contractual faith.
Ø To place at the disposal of the User the GRC and the particular conditions which, where applicable, may be applicable.

Ø To send the User a receipt or invoice for the contracted services.

3.2.- Obligations of the User:
Ø To carry out the full compliance with the provisions of the
Ø Complete the registration forms with accurate and current information.
The User shall be solely responsible for the accuracy
and update the information.
Ø To maintain the confidentiality of the facilitated information and to
immediately notify the loss, misplacement, theft, robbery, illegitimate access, as well as its knowledge by third parties.
Ø To act diligently.
Ø To act in a diligent manner, conforming at all times to the canons of
good usage and contractual good faith at all times throughout the contractual relationship.
Ø It is not allowed to board the bus if the client is under the influence of alcohol. The driver and the company reserve the right to refuse to let a customer in this condition to board the bus.
Ø It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol or smoke in the vehicle.
Ø You must respect the sanitary measures in force.


Bookings can be made, as indicated above, through the
Website or by telephone.
In order t
o book a trip, the user may do so by means of the
Website by inserting the corresponding data, paying the corresponding amount through the website, and the service can be contracted always
in advance, at least 48 hours before 09:00h of the day of the service to be hired, with the exception of weekends and holidays,
in which case, this period will be extended depending on the opening hours of our offices.

The service to be provided corresponds to the transfer from or to the airport from or to the towns
on the Costa Blanca that appear on the website.
The service can be contracted by any person travelling to any of the main destinations,
or departing from or heading to or from any of the destinations served by the MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE route.
During the service there will be a maximum of 5 stops.

Waiting time at the airport from 30 minutes to 2h after the flight arrival time provided in the reservation. In case of flight delays, if
If you are unable to travel on your scheduled service, you will be facilitated to travel on the next service to your destination.

On the trips going to the airport, the passengers will be left at the airport between 1h30 y 3h before the flight time provided in their reservation.

Booking Process:
 If journeys are booked for more than one person, whoever makes the reservation
must be of legal age and will be responsible for the veracity of the details of all passengers, when making the reservation.
by accepting the CGR you accept them for the whole group.
 The booking process must be done through the website unless assistance is required.
If you need help, this will be provided by telephone. 
 Once payment of the total booking amount has been made, you will be provided with a download of the tickets on the same website.
and you will also receive the ticket(s) by e-mail with information about the destination area.
 The tickets will contain the details of the booking, except for the exact pick-up time, which will be sent via e-mail.
between 24h-36h before the service.

 The ticket must be shown to the driver when boarding the bus in order to be validated.
 It is the responsibility of the User to check that the booking details are correct.
and if this is not the case, please contact us.
 The day before the service, the exact time and place of pick-up will be confirmed by e-mail.
 If travelling with babies, it is the User who provides his/her own baby seat,
all at their own risk.
 Children from 0-2 years of age do not pay for a ticket if they travel in the arms of an adult, and children from 3 to 12 years of age pay the normal ticket as they occupy the same seat as an adult.                 
However, in the event of a change in the GRC, the User will be previously
informed in advance via Website or by e-mail.
The parties shall not be bound until the contract has been concluded both at the pre-contractual and
contractual phase.

The published prices include the corresponding VAT. The User may
know the amount of these costs at the time of contracting the product.
MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE reserves the right to modify the list of prices published on the Website
published when it deems it appropriate. In any case, the
will not apply to those services contracted prior to the modification.

The User has the following means of payment:
Ø Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa).
The parties shall not be bound until the contract has been perfected by formalising payment.

The responsibility of the carrier is incumbent on the company that actually performs the service.
The transport company shall not be liable for non-fulfilments that are not directly attributable to it, nor for those produced by
unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, or to meet legal or administrative requirements.
Likewise, it shall not be held responsible for losses of
linking its services with other transports, its own or those of third parties.
MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE will not be liable in any way for any loss and/or
damage caused to the User and the occupants during the contract of the service.
MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE may modify or cancel any of the essential elements of the service contract in the event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.


8.1.- Procedure.
In order to exercise these rights, the User must contact
with MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE aon the ohone number
966421408 or [email protected].

8.2.- Right of Cancellation.
Cancellation can only be made through the MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE website, or by telephone.
In case of cancellation:
- before 48h the full amount will be refunded,
- between 48h and 24h, a deduction of 50% of the total amount will be made.
- if it is within the last 24h or later, nothing will be refunded.

Failure to present the passenger at the place and time of departure will result in the loss of the
and will not entitle the traveller to an exchange of the ticket or a refund.

8.3.- Right of Withdrawal.
This is the right of the user to cancel a contract in certain cases without the need to justify their decision or assume any penalty.
In accordance with article 93 k) of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, approving the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.
the regulation of distance sales (with the exception of article 98.1) does not apply to contracts for passenger transport services.
Therefore, in the case of reservations of passenger transport services the right of withdrawal does not apply.


The passenger will have the right to transport up to 10 Kg with dimensions of
40x20x25cm with the purchase of the ticket.
The transport of extra luggage is subject to a supplement on the ticket price,
which you can find out when you make your reservation on the website,
as well as the price of the extra services offered.
Luggage must be transported in the hold of the bus.
Small objects or hand luggage, as long as they do not represent a nuisance or danger to other passengers.
will be placed in the trays avobe the seats, never in the aisles or between the legs.

In the event of loss or damage to luggage or any object on our transport services, you should contact us, 
indicating the reservation number and the details of the journey: day, time and route. If the
object has been located, it can be collected.


Both contracting parties must proceed to the fulfilment of the obligations assumed in the
present CGR in the terms established throughout the contract.
In the event that either of them should fail to comply with any of the essential
obligations of the present contract, or should either party fail to fulfil them in a defective
way, the party which in turn has performed its own obligations may be deemed to be in breach of contract
considered that there has been non-performance of the contract in the terms established by
article 1.124 of the Civil Code, being entitled to choose between terminating the
the contract or demand performance, claiming, in both cases, the corresponding compensation for damages.

MYSKYBUS SHUTTLE designates as its address for the purposes of notifications the one
stipulated in the Legal Notice. The e-mail address provided by
the User during the registration process will be the e-mail address used by MYSKYBUS
SHUTTLE for the purpose of making notifications. All notifications which are
in accordance with the procedure indicated will be considered to have been validly effected.

In the event of litigation between the parties, the territorial jurisdiction will correspond, at the User's choice, to
the domicile of the latter or of the defendant.